About RedEye

beta_fish_by_enuBetta Fish are really cool and having one has been so rewarding. Once I went out for the day and possibly spent the night, woke up early and came home so that RedEye could be fed around the same time so he picks up the habit. RedEye nearly jumped out of the tank ! I think he was so happy to see me. As soon as I sat down in front of the tank he started to SWIM. I could see him when I entered the room, hanging out in the corner, chilling. I came into view but he honestly is near sighted or didn’t react but when i sat down, he swam this way and that way and up and down and then came lose to the front of the tanks glass and said hello. Oh being loved is amazing.

I enjoy cleaning his tank and talk to him
, I love feeding him and giving him treats. He isn’t a picky picky eater, he doesn’t spit food out. if he eats it he eats it. He doesn’t always eat his treats but i set them above the hammock so he can get to them when they settle, I usually try to take them out like packing says, otherwise boy does your tank get dirty.

I want to get him a two gallon tank and a snail friend, or however big a tank I need to get him a friend.

I want this triple tank or this double one

or this tank starter kit. 

the starter kit is a 5.5 g 1/2 off. I WANT

but maybe next month, then you have to buy filters. i need a small one, 2g for my heater to work. Oh my so much planning.



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