About Momma


Hello, my name is AmberI am 22, born in May, I’m a very stubborn Taurus.

I am currently learning crochet, its a wonderful hobby. I like the thought of being able to make my children some lovely toys I never see in stores. I love the idea of putting you into your piece.

This Blog is my crochet and life blog. If you have suggestions and tips, comments, don’t hesitate . I need feedback.

I just ask you are civil is all. 🙂

I am 26 weeks pregnant with a BOY, his nickname is TINY since first ULTRASOUND. His real name will be Bryan.💙💙💙 ❤ 💙💙💙

Got both of our grandpas names as middle names. Valentinus for me and Lawrence for him.

Oh Tiny has such a powerful name .

He’s big , healthy and strong.

Check him out here. 🐻

I not only have Tiny on the way but I have 🐱🐾 2 Cats; :cat: creamsicleCreamsicle, April 2014 and :cat: 11390116_372497952952446_4878653818096677637_nHearts, March 2014. 🐱

I also have a 🐕 Dog 🐶 named  Deego, Feb 27, 2014.11703044_671087089695195_382014705174003791_n

I love my family and my pets. Feel free to follow my lovlies on fb if you like animals. I just find them so amazing lovely perfect gorgeous and everything and anything positive.




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