Making Hats this WINTER

IMAG0983Granny Square Hat

orange and blue

very simple easy made in few hours


pattern found Here



wearing my new hat

i made some gloves too but im making them longer atm



just improvised for gloves very fun 🙂


Lion Attempt, no body.

IMG_20150916_073722For some reason my lion has no body. But I do need a stitch marker and I did talk moito family while doing it , always losing count . BUT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, i’ll make him again one day, a few so theres a group. I’ll do em all different colours.


this is the face


finished product

Baby Boy is it Difficult

what i am trying to make

what i am trying to make

Baby booties are so tiny. i have no idea what i am doing. i tried another pattern online, just couldnt make sense out of it. this one here is good so far i see that it has images. i would like to complete these today if i am lazy, end of the week.

I am using grey yarn, i have green blue white and yellow too. i’d like to make a set in each colour. that is my goal anyways.

it just might be a little too early to crochet