Pencil case – update



After the purple I continued with green found I liked a stripe more, used dc in dark green to connect together
I need a lining but am currently


Working on the zipper

That’s all that’s new

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Pencil case / marker case update


Not quite perfect , but pretty Damn  good❕✔
🚩 🇦 🇩 🇩 🇪 🇩 🇵 🇺 🇷 🇵 🇱 🇪
For the other side. Or I was thinking the bottom could be purple nd other side green.
Then I could attach zipper with purple nd finish with it too…. Most likely going to do that 😁

I love the sideways stitch. I think with a smaller hook it’d Turn out nicer.

I think I slept most of the day, pregnancy is wearing me out nd I have to run to go to the washroom about every fifteen minutes 😂


I can hardly believe that there’s only thirteen weeks left. I want to finish the bunny, make an octopus or octopus mobile but I have time for that (also depends on what yarn I find….thinking of buying bulk online, though I’m reluctant. I’ve only ever bought books online. )
I need to make booties / socks. I think I have the right size hook. Or I’ll get a 3.50mm hook next week.
I also need to learn how to make these shells so I may make a baby blanket.
Then a pillow but he’ll Be so young in November , I’ll have time. And maybe a poop emoji , kind of reminds me of Digimon from when I was little ❕💩
🐷going to make a piggy blanket too but for when he’s older and watches tv on the couch he can cover himself …. Oh my goodness,
The three little pigs I could do a granny square representing each house, 1  straw 2 wood 3 brick
And then a wolf🐺. Nd three main piggies 🐖.
I already have one pig 🐽.
I could make something about the boy crying wolf.🐑
And the tortoise 🐢and the hare.  🐇
🐁🐁🐁Three blind mice on a grandfather clock, oh that looks lovely in my mind for a throw ❕

(σˋ▽ˊ)σ \(^o^)/

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All great things begin small – Single Crochet

So I cracked the books, Handy Handy Super Dandy. Im glad I got them. I have no idea what I am doing. Oh my goodness am I ever a beginner when it comes to crochet. I followed a few pictures, guessing at the pictures (usually came out), did some improvised crochet amigurimi bunnies when I was 16. But honestly its been years and I only started this year with granny squares. Not really knowing any terms….now I know I knew none. Im going to post as I learn here, mostly as a hobby and a place to find out how to crochet. But not all by me. I kind of want to take you through the Journey  of crochet, and maybe since I bought the Needlecraft book, some embroidery and knitting and whatever else there is to do. I love crafts and love creating things, especially from scratch. If i could I’d have my own SHEEP =] but that’s alright.

I am attempting

 Peppermint TwistpepperminttwistAlthough I have no clue as to what I am doing. It looks lovely. I am Using Green and White Yarn, hoping to make a cellphone case but being a perfectionist too I just dont trust myself. Back to the basics, Here’s what Ive learned today;

SC – Single Crochet

Annie’s Catalog has a nice tutorial, popped up on

Single Crochet called Double Crochet in the UK.

The Ultimate A-Z Companion to 1,001 Terms 

DC – Double Crochet 

Craft Yarn Council, picture tutorial