Granny Square Purse

I admit I AM a definite beginner. I joined my granny squares with  sc , and hoped to have opposite colour feel like glue, ok. My stitches, could be better . I’m using this dark yarn I have , it’s dark enough to contrast I think. Anyways gotta work with what you have :).


Granny Square Purse

It was super fun putting the squares together, seeing something unfold . I can’t wait to work on handles ❕


Pattern I followed

Great website

Im going to learn crocodile and star stitch then eventually make some girl booties
i dont have a small enough hook for newbrn so imma give it to the couple after 3 months
but if i finish sooner maybe they’re having a big baby.

anyways heres the link

you should really check out their site 🙂



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