Baby Blanket – Just begining

IMAG0256AH if you look closely …. or from far away…the edge isnt even but im going to border these squares so it should be okay and fixable. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT maybe the last one will b amazing

I found this L ❤ VeLy pattern in a book in the library. Libraries are great places to find stitches and patterns.  I found books on how to make your own yarn, browsed them but one day imma give it a go. I like making things from Scratch IMAG0459

This is Socks who kept my company last night while i worked


She is lovely and so friendly, She’s grandma on Dad’s side’s cat.

its not weird but it is different, Tiny’s Grandma . She used to be Tiny’d Dad’s Mother.

funny stuff. well Im going to work on the pattern I’ll post more.

one day 🙂